Friday, March 11, 2005

I Shoulda Got His Ass!

Man.....I just had the chance to come up on a sweet ass lick! This guy just came in the hotel off the street and asked me to change a $20 bill. No biggie, right? But w/o even looking...the fucker hands me a fuckin' $50!!!!!

My dumb ass w/o even thinking says "Oh sir, you handed me a 50." Then he puts on his glasses and says "You know I can barely see without these things?" Well duh nigga! Duh! WTF? I think I been working in this ritsy ditsy ass place waaaaay too long. I musta left my southside of Chicago instincts at the crib. Either that or I was too tired to think straight. $30....gone. On some honesty shit. He wouldnt have even noticed til he got back to Barrington (affluent, mostly white suburb) or wherever the fuck he's from. Oh well I suppose the morality God's will look down upon me favorably for this. Hell, I might even get a good deed like this done for me one of these days. But shit......I need some immediate gratfication out this summa bitch.

My mama would be so mad at me right now...........


Lola said...

because you have a good heart teej...and you'll get your due... no qualms about it.

Teej said...

Let's hope so..cuz I sure could use that $$$ right now.