Saturday, March 05, 2005

Eye Swear!

So I come to discover today that the sty that was on my inner eye-lid has turned into a cyst! (EXHALES........SLOWLY........DEEPLY.........LOUDLY)

When I read up on the eye sty thing last weekend, it did mention that these type of sty's can turn into a cyst. It wont blur my vision or make me blind. It'll just be a little tiny knot on my eye. Yaaaaay!

Its been there all week, but I finally noticed it today when I got a good look at my face in the mirror this afternoon. So if you are keeping score out there, that's 2 definite cyst's, 1 probable and 1 possible. I've had this one in my left wrist since high school. Had it drained thrice times, and it keeps coming back like The O'Jay's. Last time the doc drained it, he said if it came back it'll have to be surgically removed. Well it's been back.....I just aint been the doctor since. Then there's the probable one in my right foot. Im pretty sure thats what it is. And then there's the lump in my back. I know it sounds icky, but it's not really noticeable unless I have my shirt off. The doc told me that it was a 'tissue growth'......whatever that means. I personally think that lump in my back is the piece of my knee bone I chipped in 5th grade. I think it made its way through my body and planted itself in my back. I'll let you know how that hypothesis turns out when I know for sure.

But back to my eye......U know of all the things I planned to get done in '05......eye surgery was mysteriously not on my list! Gotta research it more, but I swear thats the only way those sites said a eye cyst could be removed.


Kk said...

Why don't you try a doctor? You know the people who go to school for 4 years, train for 3 years and pay 100,000$ to have expertise in diagnosing and treating people like yourself. Just a thought.

Teej said...

Im going love....setting the appt. on Monday....