Thursday, February 10, 2005

This Lady

This lady just came in the hotel. She is a homeless woman. Now working overnight...I get my share of the down and out coming through here. But this lady seemed a bit different. Her demeanor was different. She asked if any coats or jackets had been left in our lost and found. She explained that she was homeless and that she was just trying to add some layers to what she had on. I told her that Lost & Found was closed. I gave her my t-shirt that I had in the back office. It was a Roca-wear shirt that I had bought maybe 5 years ago. It wasnt alot, but it was another layer. She gladly accepted it. I asked if there werent any shelters she could go to. She explained that it would be difficult at this time of night (1am). She asked if she could use the washroom. She didnt come back for awhile. I knew she was asleep. I didnt bother her. Normally I wouldnt have let it happen, but she was just so sweet and conversational. I figured I'd give her a little time. Anyways.....about a hour later she came back from the bathroom. She apologized for falling asleep. I assured her it was okay. She asked if I had any change for a cup of coffee. I gave her about a $1.75. She thanked me for everything again as she was leaving. All I could say was "Try to take it easy out there". :-(

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Anonymous said...

Here's a tip from a City employee: Next time that happens, you can suggest that she go to the nearest police station or hospital to request shelter. Chicago Dept. of Human Services travels around 24/7/365 picking up people and transporting them to shelters. It might take several hours for them to pick her up, but at least she would be inside where it's warm. The 1st District police station is at 1718 s. State.