Monday, February 14, 2005

...Hits Home!

Talk about hilarious and sad at the same time. This Alan Keyes dude is something else! You all remember Mr.Keyes, dontcha? This is the ULTRA conservative homophobe from Maryland that the republicans of Illinois pulled outta their asses outta nowhere to run against Barack Obama for Senator. Of course Obama kicked his ass every kinda way in the election.

You may also remember Keyes blasting Vice Pres. Cheney about his gay daughter. Well what's that Malcolm said about chickens coming home to roost? In a odd and peculiar turn of events, Keyes' own daughter Maya has just come outta the closet. Yup! She's a lesbian. I swear when I heard the story on the news I immediately let out a HUGE laugh. You know this fucker has dis-owned, and kicked her out the house right? How sad is that?

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