Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Figured It Out!

It occurred to me when you called to tell me that you do in fact miss me. See I called you first the other day to tell you that I miss you. And I asked if you missed me. And you kinda
non-chalantly played me off. But then...a day and a half later you call me to say that in fact you do miss me. Albeit you said "not enough to get back together".

So in thinking on it...... I know you miss my touch as much as I miss yours. You want me to wrap my arms around you like I used to as bad I want to. You wanna cuddle up in our special spoon where I cup your breast with my hand like we used to. You wanna just chill and eat Leona's (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, right?) or Jimmy John's (#3Turkey Tom, no tomatoes, extra mayo, correct?) and just be. You and me. I know you want to. I can feel it. It starts as a dull pain in my right big toe. Then it works it way up my body, and just sits there. Right around my temple and continues to throb.

Oh yeah sista! I am no longer fooled, but at the same time I understand. I know you are afraid of extending yourself to me again. You feel you came up with the short end of the stick last time. So I can understand your hesitancy. But know that your icy cool demeanor aint fooling me no more. We're waaaaay too connected for that. I still know you. I still feel you....even after almost 3 months apart.

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