Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mama Dont Always Know Best

So again...this damn sty on my eye. Did u know that most black people call it a 'star' and not a sty? Yup a little FYI for your ass. It wasnt until my boss at work got one that I heard it referred to as a sty. But thats besides the point.

So I called my mom to ask what to do about this thing. She told me and I quote "Get a cold compress on it, and then take a q-tip and put warm water on it and put it on the sty." I dont think she understood that I have a internal sty that is actually UNDER my eyelid, and not an exernal one which is traditionally on the corner of your eye.

Anyways I go and get a face towel, put an ice cube in it and put it on my eye for about an hour off and on. That was 7pm-8pm. Maaaaaaaan I get to work at like 10:30pm or so and look in the mirror. Why the fuck do I look like Mitch 'Blood' Green after he had that famous Brooklyn street brawl with a young Mike Tyson in the late 80's. Anyone remember that? LOL

Not a good look! Posted by Hello

I ended up doing a sty search on google, and I got some good info on how to get rid of it. In actuality it's WARM compresses for 10-15 minutes four times daily. I love my mama...but even they be wrong too.


JT Monée said...

I remember Mitch Green... Tyson beat that ass in front of the fur shop in the middle of the street. LMAO. Dude was rocking that shiny ass 3pc suit with the butterfly collar, in the 80's!!! What part of the fashion game is that? but err umm uhh... yeah, I vaguely recall that. *looks around and whistles*

Steeeeen said...

A "star"? Never heard that in my life and I've been black for a loooong time!