Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day To All!

I just refused to let this 'breakup' get in the way of gettting my baby something for V-Day. Yeah I felt a little weird about the whole situation. But I decided that I woulda felt bad had I not did something.

But in actuality.....I knew I was gonna do something for V-Day a couple months ago. That's when I started gathering CD's for a couple of compliations that I wanted to put together for her. She's loved every CD and tape I've ever made for her...with the exception of 'Hidden Beach Mix Vol. 2' *wink*, so I figured I couldnt go wrong with music. I decided to make some CD's that kinda spoke to how I feel. The songs will say the words and express the feelings a million times better than I ever will. So in addition to the music, I kept it pretty simple. Chocolate, Flowers and a card. Now I know it sounds soooo lame and predictable. But I know for a fact she genuinely loves all those things.

So anyways after I got off work at 7:30am....I took everything over. It felt a tad weird. That was my first time at her place in months. I was soooooooo tired, b/c I had been up all night at work, but I didnt wanna leave. I really really enjoyed just being in her presence.....even with the pregnant pauses in conversation. I wanted to take my work clothes off, leave them on her living room couch, and hop in her bed like I've done a million times before. I dunno....maybe in the future.

But that was my V-Day. Hope you had a happy one.

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