Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blog Subjects

The fact is.....Im so fucking sick of blogging about me and KK. I mean...I love her, I know I fucked up, I want her back...yeah yeah yeah....but there HAS to be SOMETHING ELSE to blog about. Looking over the makes me look pretty fucking pathetic. I promise you anywhere from 85-90% of this blog has been about her since I started it in August 04. In comparision I'd say that maybe 60% of hers has had something to do with me. I dont even know where this particular blog is going. I just want/need to blog about something else. Shit this is turning into a rant huh?

But what else is there to blog about? Funny thing is....nothing is really moving me or striking me as blog-worthy but her. I guess that's b/c there is really nothing else on my mind. Stepping outside of myself I'd say that those facts are sweet and sad at the same time, huh?

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