Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Abstience = The Answer?

I saw a news report on how the federal government is pretty much only funding Sex Ed. programs that teach abstience and only abstience. And basically I think that is pretty fucked up. In the news report they showed some high school classroom being taught abstience. The only thing was......a handful of the students already have kids! So what's the fucking point?

I think the Sex Ed. programs taught should focus on abstience and prevention and safe sex ya know? Cause anyone being honest with themselves knows that only a handful of students are truly gonna practice abstience. U remember how giddy you were in high schoo, dontcha?l Especially boys. It just doesnt make sense. Its just those old, outta touch fucks passing down and making their 1950 view of the world into laws that affect the current generations. Cant wait for most of them to just keel over and not get back up.

LOL. Was that mean?


Kk said...

With the highest population of folk contracting HIV being aged 15-24, the number of kids who can't afford to take care of kids that will ultimately come up as a result of continuous sex and the challenge of using condoms that even adults find difficult, YES, abstinence is the answer. Better to start with that and let them venture off than to give them all these options that will encourage them getting into the sack. Word.

Teej said...

I understand your point, but dont you think it's little crazy to force EVERYONE to teach abstience and only that? It's like the more we tell dont do it, the more they'll wanna do it. Always been like that. I think if they are properly educated they'll be able to make informed decisions, no?

Kk said...

Sex ed today is exactly what you are advocating. What is taught right now is safe sex. Does it seem like that shit is working to you?