Tuesday, January 25, 2005


KK blogged about LOVING Mario's song 'Let Me Love You' a couple of weeks ago. And every since then I swear I aint been able to listen to that shit! LOL. The thought of some misc. nigga up in her ear singing that makes me wanna jump outta my 10th floor window! For real! UGGHHH! That, Carl Thomas's 'Make It Alright', Mary J's 'I Can Love You', and well....you get the drift. I feel like such an asshole.....as well I should.

I took her to lunch last week for her birthday. I told her how fucking stupid I am and feel. Would you believe I got so emotional that I even cried? Yo....FYI.....The Teej doesnt really do the cry thing. Not hardly. I usta think there was something wrong with my tearducts at one point. But I had been thinking the night before our lunch of what I'd say. So when I got to her face...I was able to get most of it out. And it was just alot. I hope she knows I was sincere. KK....I was sincere! LOL.

Anyways back to the vultures. I dont want them circling around her....as I bet they are. Preying upon her and shit. The simple fact is....I KNOW I can do better. And that's probably the part that fucks with me the most. That and just knowing I hurt her. The combination of the 2 makes me wanna do bodily harm to myself. That's how much I really am tripping like....'Nigga you's an asshole'. I just hope...eventually....I get the chance to do better by her. She deserves so much more. And I know I can give it to her.


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Anonymous said...

How about Let Me Love You literally makes me want to cry. I don't know what it is about that song but, I swear when I listen to it it really moves me. That's crazy. KK