Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hello '05

"Last year was a hard one/but life goes on/bumping my head against the wall/learning right from wrong..." - 2Pac

What up '05? Let me give you a quick run down on some things that I plan to do during your calendar run....

* Take VIP-TV up a notch or two - Yeah we made moves in '04 re-appearing in a big way. But we're gonna make even bigger strides in '05. You just wait and see.

* Get that credit together - I can see 30! It's about that time mister.

(Speaking of which...."A nigga been focused since I said hi to 30!" - Jay Z)

* Getting more focused - on everything! And maintaining that focus also!

*Figure out what KK and I are doing - We cant continue on this see saw we're on now. Will the love be enough to sustain? Can we both make the necessary changes needed for us to do this for real?

*Look into finishing school - Yeah I felt Kanye, but I still have the desire to finish. When I left I was too damn close. 31 credits aint shit son!

* Health - Not only am I gonna resume my workout regime that I abandoned oh so long ago...but Im gon eat better. I swear!!!! And since I got health insurance now....I'd best take advantage of it.

*Following through - I KNOW I have some dope ideas and the such. I HAVE to do a better job of following through and listening to my instinct.

* Misc shit - Modeling? Poetry book? Maybe an event or 2? You got shit to do homie! 5 seconds is up.....LET'S GO!

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