Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kicking Off The New Year

So you wanna know how I kicked off my first of the year? I did some good and some bad.

Since I worked overnight on NYE, I got home on New Years Day at like 9am-ish. I slept til about 3pm and I got up and for some strange reason caught the cleaning bug. I was off. Bathroom? Done! Kitchen/Dishes? Done! Living room? Done! I even got some organizational work done too. Whew! By time I was done I looked up and it was 7pm. So my cleaning up was the good part.

Now as I always do when Im home on a Saturday at around 7pm I scanned the channels to see if any movies I had been wanting to catch were coming on. I saw one that I had heard alot about. It's called "30 Years To Life". It stars Melissa De Soussa, Erika Alexander, Allen Payne, Tracy Morgan, Paula Jai Parker, TE Russell and Kadeem Hardison. It's basically about the trials and tribulations of a group of friends all whom are approaching 30 and how they deal with the impending milestone.

I had planned on cooking earlier, but I couldnt cook cuz the movie was coming on. I needed to eat. Oh what was I to do? I stooped to a new all time low is what I did. With not much to snack on I didnt have too many options. There was one piece of turkey bologna so I made a sandwich, but I'm 6'5 230 lbs! That wasnt gonna do. Im figuring since it's a holiday I know I'll eat for free when I get to work in another 4 hours. I just need something to hold me til then. To make a long story short....I ended up eating my little sandwich with 2 cans of tuna. Straight out the can. With a fork! I felt so pathetic. I dont even know if I was supposed to do that. I had lead poisioning as a kid and I was told to never eat stuff outta those cans. But oh well....what's done is done. Pretty pathetic huh?

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steeeeen said...

Love that movie, Charlie Tuna...