Friday, January 14, 2005

A 2nd Word To The Wise

If your friend is moving to Texas (or anywhere outta state for that matter) and they offer to give you ALL their food in their 'frig....RESPECTFULLY DECLINE that shit son!

A friend from High School moved to Texas, so I stopped by her place to see her off and say goodbye. She offered me EVERYTHING in her kitchen! Wow! Free food? Hells Yeah! We packed that shit up and she drove me to my crib. I thought I had hit a lick! I dont even know if I bothered to ask how long she had had the food. I guess I just assumed she wouldnt knowingly gimme any bad food. This was like 2 weeks ago.

Well last night I cooked some of the perch she gave me. The bag was unopened so I figured it was cool. I made perch, mashed potatoes and spinach. Had me a nice glass of OJ to go with it. My co-worker said the fish and OJ is where I went wrong. Anyways I ate at 8pm and went to bed at 4am feeling fiiiiine. I didnt wake up feeling so hot though. I woke up with the runs, a bad case of heartburn, a headache and my whole fucking body hurt. I just knew I was gonna throw up on the bus. Im lucky I didnt die.

I mean the fish didnt smell bad when i thawed it out though. Anways, when I get home...Im throwing ALL THAT SHIT AWAY yo!

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steeeeen said...

LMAO! Hilarious! You ate hand me down fish!