Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shouts out to 'Chell for the wisdom!

Every now and truly need the opinion from someone on the outside looking in. At times they truly have the best view to see some shit that you cant see cuz you are knee deep in it. Feel me? Like the whole 'cant see the forest for the trees' saying. this particular case I had already come to understand everything told to me. It was just good to hear it re-inforced for the like the umpteenth time I guess. I've come to learn everything said in the hardest way possible....cuz apparently thats how I choose to learn things. So here's a tiny excerpt from the convo......

chell: she may have been putting up with all that heartache..who knows for how cause you showed her your tears one day, may not be enough...she held on for as long as she could with that heartache that it doesn't equal out to just u kissin her ass for the 2months ya'll been broken up. that kiss alone is HUGE! THAT SHIT HURTS!! you gotta do alot more suffering cause you ain't even close to what she felt when ya'll were together


chell: not that i think she wants to put you thru pain but..

chell: maybe if you felt what she'll understand why she's doing what she's doing now

tj1177: probably

chell: sorry don't mean to council u on this lol

tj1177: no no....i appreciate this

chell: cool

tj1177: this is maaaaaad helpful

tj1177: you dont even know

Wow! When she first typed this...I just knew that KK had secretly flown to the Yay and jumped on Chell's comp and started typing to me. It's EVERYTHING KK had been saying for soooooooooooo long.

Can I just re-iterate how much of a fucking idiot I am? Thanks! Teej you are a piece of work boy! God surely only made one of you. Anyone out there reading...if you listen close enough...that sound you hear is of me kicking myself!

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