Saturday, January 29, 2005

Erykah 3

I feel kinda funny when I constantly post song lyrics to my blog sometimes. But's mine. And anything or song I post is really truly something I am feeling at that moment. So with that said......

all I got to say is
It wont let go

you can pray to early May
fast for 30 days
still It wont let go

got a good book and got all in it
tried a little yoga for a minute
but it wont let go

tried to turn the sauna up to hotter
drank a whole jar of holy water
but it wont let go........

Now if THAT aint truth I dont know what is. Lordhavemercyhallelujah!


Lola said...

makes me think of mikiah now...and i'm feeling with him at this very moment. we're supposedly going to have a talk tonight. i'm trying to gather up my thoughts, jot them down because once i see him and he does this all knowing eye look, when he responds to tell him how he sees it. i lose myself. my thought that is...and i can never muster up enough to finish what i started. i let it be... it's like i stop fighting. but as soon as we part i won't let up. i want to start again...only to lose again.

why is that?

ididn't cry when we broke up. i'm fine with it actually.. but the thought of losing someone that i invested so much into... well that terrifies me. what is even more scary is that what if the whole significance of that relationship was in our heads...and when all is said and done. was it REALLY anything to begin with or were we just fooling ourselves. if it was. i think being 'friends' shouldn't be hard at all...

Teej said...

What the fuck is wrong with us? I have that same problem. Like we'll get in an any arguement or whatever. And I'll start out feeling like...KNOWING I have some valid points. But somewhere in there....I just lose it. I lose my thoughts and they never come out. And then I just give up and I never win. It sucks I tell you. I understand that totally.

Teej said...

I also can understand your fear of losing someone whom you've invested so much time and energy. I totally feel that way. Plus my situation is compounded b/c point blank :I know I can do a lot better than I did. I kinda wanna make up for my fuck ups. Do right by her. I suppose only time will tell.