Monday, September 20, 2004

My Biggest Fear

The thing that frightens me most is the prospect of us being on this break and just drifting apart. Like we saw each other for the first time in a week last night and it was a tad bit weird. When I first saw her I went up to her and hugged her, and from the hug I could tell that as angry as she was/is with me, that she still missed me. You dont know how relieved I was as we were embracing. I shoulda cracked her back as I held her in my arms. Dont worry folks...she likes it when I do that. Anyways....I say all that to say....on a certain level....I suppose this break is good for both of us. It'll gimme a chance to re-evaluate things I need to work on and her too. But the shit is hard yo, HARD! Like I dread crawling in my bed cuz she aint there. The extra space is cool to have to stretch and shit, but I'd damn sure rather turn over and bump into her. I been sleeping with her pj bottoms in my bed. Sad, huh? LOL. This sucks boo-tay I tell you, but I suppose it's necessary. Im still Amel Larrieux "I'd rather not be me w/o you". I guess I'll have to toll on in this little sad existence for hopefully not too much longer.

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Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh :( This sucks why did u ever break my faith in you? Why did u then, a year later, do it again? ((tears)).