Sunday, September 12, 2004

I Cant Deal

Im so fucking mad that I barely feel like blogging about this shit. Basically KK is mad at me for some second hand shit she ACCIDENTALLY OVERHEARD that I said to the host of this party we went to. Then instead of just fucking coming out and telling me what the problem is...she chooses to speak in fucking riddles and not staright out tell me what the problem is! This happened last night at our NEXT TO LAST stop. We went to another place AND she drove me home AND we've spoken on the phone, and she NEVER tells me what the problem is. How do I FINALLY get to the bottom of this shit? I READ HER BLOG!!!! Oh that's real damn adult of you! And again to top the shit off, she's mad at some shit she overheard that I said. Im not denying that I said it. But had you been there to actually hear how it was would realize it was a damn joke! Apparently a bad one.....but a joke nonetheless!!! WTF????

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