Saturday, September 18, 2004

Here's a thought....

...I've never been a fighter. Like I'll fight if I have to, but fighting off GP? Nah that aint me son! I just dont like fighting....especially with my significant other. The way I figure it....we are both human, we are both gonna make mistakes and do stupid shit. Probably me moreso than her, but I just dont wanna waste precious time fighting. It's been a week now since I made the dumb joke that was disrespectful. Honestly I never saw all this coming from that one incident. Even when I found out that she was pissed or whatever....I didnt see this. I thought maybe she'd be mad a day or two and then we'd be okay or whatever. I just cant believe I havent seen my baby in damn near 7 days cuz of a stupid drunken joke. Like damn...what do I gotta do? Go out and get hit by a car? If I were laid up in a hospital she'd undoubtedly rush by my side. Probably apologizing for us fighting. And it would be the same way God forbid I had to sit by her side in a hospital. Which leads me to the point of this particular blog.....w/o getting into detail...we've been through much worse. I just dont wanna lose anymore precious time doing the shit we like to do together (i.e. me rubbing her feet with aloe vera lotion, us eating leona's or jimmy john's, etc). I just dont think it's worth it in the long run of things.

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