Friday, September 24, 2004

I Feel A Change For The Better Around The Corner

I've decided that NOTHING in the this particular world
is more important to me than that girl.
And if she'll have me as her guy
then we'll ride this rocket love beyond the sky.

That's the start of a poem (that I probably wont finish at the pace I usually complete them) that I just jotted down after a phone conversation we just had that left me feeling especially good for some reason. I dunno.....Im feeling verrrrrry Sam Cooke-ish....'A Change Is Gonna Come'. And it will be for the better. You just watch.

KK? Can I get my money that my mama gave you to give to me? LOL. Do I have to tell on you? And please pretty pretty pretty please dont eat all the brownies? Pleeeeeeease with sugar and cherries and CHOCOLATE (*wink*) on top?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

blTJ, there should be more men like you out there...not afraid to proclaim their love for their woman..even for strangers to see. i wish i had the guts you do. it takes a lot. wishing the best always, for both of you.