Friday, May 15, 2009

Just To Get A Rep

This one here was inspired by my homegirl @arounddawaygyrl (Thats her twitter handle if you arent hip to twitter just yet). So she sends out the tweet with the link and I clicked on it and I was just blown away. I just cant fathom how or why you’d want yourself to be seen like this!

And so it got me to thinking… this age of youtube and reality tv stars, it’s not really that hard to make yourself “famous” for all the wrong reasons if that’s what your main objective is. You have the “Why Must I Cry” dude, the “In The Butt” dude *pause*, cant forget T-Baby singing bout how cold it is “In The D“, and even the classic joint by Tay Zondray “Chocolate Rain” (37 million hits and counting!) that got him on The Jimmy Kimmel show!

Least we mention the pure Niggerdom of such joints as “Fry That Chicken“, “Let Me Smell Yo Dick” and so on and so forth.

I guess my point of this all is……is fame THAT alluring? To the point that you will shame your family name to be “famous”? I cant imagine being an internet smash singing “Why Must I Cry” and then going to the family reunion and being proud of that shit. My granny Ms. Evelyn (God rest her soul) woulda told me about myself in a way that woulda included lots and lots of cuss words. im sure these people got kids. Who the hell wants to be known as the kid whose mama sang “Let Me Smell Yo Dick”?

I dunno yall. Maybe Im bugging out. Maybe I got it all wrong. Just doesnt seem to me that it’s all worth it in the end. The end justifies the means they say. But is it really like that?

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