Friday, May 22, 2009

The Golden Lady & This Rocket Love (First Draft)

So maybe you think Im doing too much
and perhaps it all seems a bit too soon
but baby Im ready to get to the good part
and I dont wanna wait a single day longer

I know you dont think you’re ready but
perfect timing is just a figment of the imagination.
Sometimes you just gotta jump at it when you have the chance

Its all trial and error
No one really knows for sure how it goes
I figure everyone has their own opinion of it
but as long as you are willing to meet your partner in the middle
I suspect you’ll be alright in the end

So….you ready to ride this rocket love to the sky and beyond my Golden Lady?
Hold on tight now becuz the ride may get bumpy at times and you know they WILL try to shoot us down
Its not everyday that anyone gets to go on this trip, ya know?

Let me know when you’re ready
I’ll be out front revving the rocket

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