Friday, May 08, 2009

FUCK Rant 5

F%#K Pat Robertson for this ol ignoramus ass shit
F%#K this detox for keeping me away from my sweet riesling
F%#K TCF, Comcast, Chase and all my other creditors for stressing me
F%#K being single!
F%#K Lil Wayne for making a song that goes “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world“……..and having the nerve for it to be catchy!

F%#K the fact that they are just now arresting Drew Peterson’ s ol wife killing ass
F%#K my TMobile Dash for playing with my emotions and then magically working again
F%#K North Korea and Kim Jong II for staying on this nuke shit
F%#K Cassie for letting them pics leak. “Hacked” my ass!
F%#K whomever for not putting away or REALLY supervising that 14 yr old boy that twice impersonated the police and NOW test drove and stole a Lexus from the dealer

F%#K Manny Ramirez for taking whatever the hell he took and getting suspended
F%#K this recession (up against a walll, really hard, with no lube)
F%#K being in a state of limbo with your feelings
F%#K the Swine Flu hysteria and hype
F%#K my roommate for letting me open the fridge and seeing HELLA bags from Leona’s knowing Im on this detox and cant eat none of it

F%#K being warned about a possible “swine flu/bird flu” mix
F%#K fear tactics to control the people
F%#K people who dont know that they are assholes
F%#K Twitter for being so damn addictive
F%#K Fox News Channel in general for all intents and purposes

F%#K pretty much my whole father’s side of the family
F%#K DWTS for kicking Lil Kim off. I hear she was killing it
F%#K Brett Favre for being one indecisive summa-bitch
F%#K anyone that causes any of my peeps grief
F%#K “Chicago Larry” for believing his own hype and not knowing the difference between being laughed WITH and being laughed AT!

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