Sunday, June 29, 2008

Talking To The Mirror

"I fight with myself in the ring of doubt and fear/the rain aint gone, but I can still see clear" - Common Sense "Gaining One's Definition" 1997

I've got some living to do
and I'm tired of making excuses as to why I cant start
Its time I started coming up with reasons why I can
At a certain point you just get sick and tired
of being sick and tired
At least you should
I pray you all find that point
You do what you gotta do to motivate yourself
Lord knows aint nobody gon do it for you
It aint about greed
It aint about living how they live on TV
It shouldnt be anyways.
Its about doing for you
Doing for your fam
Doing something that you can be proud of
Something that you can speak loud of
Everyone has ideas
Believe it or not most of them are actually good
but the difference is in those who follow through
on their ideas and those who just continue to come up with ideas
So which one are you?

What's your mark on the world gonna be anyways?

1 comment:

T.C. said...

i have NO clue! i have no clue what imma do with my life, none at all...none at all