Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Al Sharpton for VP!!!!!

While Im literally ecstatic that Barack will be the Democratic nominee for President, I am now fearful for him and his family.

Shout out to Fox Brown Fox. She blogged that Obama should be protected by Black Gangster Disciples, Black P Stones, El Rukns, Four Corner Hustlers, Gangster Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, Imperial Vice Lords, La Familia, La Raza, Latin Kings
Latin Queens, Maniac Latin Disciples, Mickey Cobras, Sisters of the Struggle, Vice Lords, Bloods & Crips, Irish Republican Army, Chicago Teamsters from the 80s, La Cosa Nostra, TD Jakes' Women that have been Loosed, National Organization of Women, Lesbians with Guns, Trannies with Poison Darts, and Drag Queen Super Heroes.

And I couldnt agree more.

Let's face it. This country, and even the world in general, but mostly this country, has shown us over and over again that if you shine too brightly, think too radically, try to do too much right, or make too much damn sense, they have no problem taking you out. Think Medgar, Malcolm, Martin, John or Bobby Kennedy to name a few.

And speaking of Bobby Kennedy.....Im not feeling Hill as the VP at all. This dirty bitch may plot to have him "taken care of" so she can step right in. Sounds far fetched, but shit not really. She has proven that there really isnt a new low that she wont stoop to.

And that leads me back to the brother with the perm. Al Sharpton needs to be Barack Obama's running mate for the simply fact that any would be harm do'ers will think twice b/c Lord knows they dont want that nigga to be President!

And that may make you chuckle a bit, but a good part of me is dead serious.


j.a.c. said...

Al Sharpton for the sake of Obama's life.. that's good logic right there. seriously. cause he IS in danger.

T.C. said...

one thing i can say is that he is definitely in more danger HERE than over seas...i have been reading articles stating that many foreign heads welcome Obama (seems like the racism that was created here, really has to do with HERE) anywho...i jut pray that they keep secret service TIGHT for him

B said...

I went to the the rally where he announced his democratic nomination and it was amazingly uplifting... however, part of me was scared for him too. I assume he knows the risks attached to such a monumental and historic event, and I think he is moving forward with caution, but also with the knowledge and hope that his actions, no matter the consequences, will change America and race inequities in the long run. His and Hillary's actions have opened the political doors for so many...

Blunt.Pie said...

I was hoping for Kathleen Sebelius...so that Hill + Bill dont hurt him..I think they are the most dangerous being that they know the in's and out's of the whitehouse and its staff.