Sunday, June 22, 2008

You, Me & He (What We Gonna Do Baby?)

So Im reading this book, right? And it's about a lady discussing how she came to discover that she needed to be in a open marriage and how monogamy doesn't exactly work for her and the such. And so needless to say that this book has me thinking. Im almost scared as to what it means that Im agreeing with so much of what Im reading concerning her views on monogamy.

Funny how 'monogamy' and 'monotonous' are nearly the same word, huh? Things that make you go Hmmmm......

Anyways....I've always pictured in my head that I will marry a great woman and that will be that. Me and her til the wheels fall off. But temptation is a mu'fucka yall! That fine chick that you wanted to smash for the last 5 years always decides that she's ready to get down the day after you commit to your relationship. Such is life I suppose. Still doesnt make it any less fucked up though.

At this exact moment in time the thought of an open marriage, to me, is one of those things that sounds realllllllllly good in theory, but isnt actually practical. I mean the thought of me being able to get up with another chick when the feeling hit, with my girl fully knowing, and shit STILL BE OKAY?!?!?! Man the thought of that makes a nigga feel like this or maybe even this, but the flipside of that is that your girl can do the same. Im a jealous scorpio. The thought of another dude smashing my girl isnt a pleasant one. And so open marriage for me I dont think.

Or is it? Yall know I always say that I want that 'Ossie and Rubie Dee' love, right? Well if you didnt know, they apparently had an open marriage. So what does that say? I dunno. Shit is confusing yo.

What say you?

Is monogamy natural?

Is all the talk of those who say it's "not natural" just a cop out by people who wanna have their cake and eat it too?

What do you REALLY think about open marriages?


Blu Jewel said...

Monogamy is actually not natural save for swans who mate for life, but human nature has deemed it the practical course to take. I think that no one person can satisfy ones every want/need/desire, but others will argue that it's possible. In the grand scheme of things, I think it's a person choice and something that needs to be fully discussed with a potential life mate.

Personally, I'm a one man kinda gal and wouldn't want to be sharing my man with anyone else. I'm down for monogamy and hope that the next man I'm with is too.


T.C. said...

i am with blu i need monogomy for real...and i want to get married that one and only time...

i am a one man kinda girl and i hope that he is and will remain a one woman kinda girl...

with open communication hopefully we would be able to work through each others needs and wants at any given time and that wouldn't require adding anyone else into the mix