Friday, July 20, 2007

Please Mr. Papitto Dont Blame Rap Music For Your Bigotry

So the (white) 80 yr old ex-chairman of Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island has recently come under fire for using the word 'Nigger' during a board meeting in May saying it "kind of slipped out". Under pressure to diversify his board Ralph Papitto used the term to describe blacks. He probably said some shit like (, and Im para-phrasing here...) 'Now I gotta put a nigger or two on the board to get the diversity people off my back'......or something like that Im sure.

He said he had never used the term before. “The first time I heard it was on television and then rap music or something,” Papitto said in an interview on WPRO-AM. “I apologized for that,” he continued, “What else can I do? Kill myself?”

Why yes Ralph Papitto. That's exactly what you can do......Go kill yourself for that dumb ass lie!

You heard it on TV and then 'rap music or something'??!?!?!!

Dude you are fucking 80!!! That means 50 yrs ago in 1957 you were 30 and it was waaaaaaay more than PC to call black people 'Nigger' back then. So there aint nobody with half a fucking brain buying that you never heard the word til rap music. And where do you get off trying to use rap as your scapegoat anyhow? I guess it kinda worked for Imus so you figured what the hell, right?

Please Mr. Papitto....keel the fuck over and croak RIGHT NOW!


Kwanda said...
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Tha L said...

Hell yeah! Glad I stumbled across yo shit...