Sunday, October 22, 2006

What The Weird Lady Told Me

This weird Kathy Bates/Roseanne Barr/MiMi from The Drew Carey Show looking lady with reddish-orange hair, funny glasses and no neck just walked outta the cafĂ© and start talking all this jibberish to me. She started first by telling me that I have an aura about me. And that I seem to be a gentle giant. She said that she can tell that I was destined to be a leader and when I stepped into a room that I commanded attention and respect. At first I was genuinely taken aback and grateful for her kind words if not just a bit thrown off by the randomness of it all. But then she started flirting somewhat by adding that the fact that Im “eye-candy doesn’t hurt either”. (“Okay Teej. Just smile a bit and thank her and hopefully she'll keep it moving”) Then she went on about how she can sense that Im destined for greatness and that I may lose some friends by the wayside (So which of you fuckers are fair-weather friends? Hmmm…), but it was okay b/c I’d soon make new ones. And then the convo got weird……-er.

She then went on to tell me how the world needs more strong black men like myself. As a former Black Panther (Now mind you this is 50 year old-ish white lady. And that’s not to say that white people weren’t down with the Panthers or that it’s impossible, but I don’t buy it from her!), she can sense that Im down for the cause. She mentioned something about being from Des Moines, Iowa (The Panthers were in Iowa? Word?!?!) and being there from the start and the need for more programs like the Free Breakfast before school for kids and etc. Then she said something something about ‘it’ not being just a black problem but a human problem as a whole. And so this is the point where I began to tune her out and just nod and agree so she could leave me be as soon as possible.

Then she stuck her fist out to give me dap and broke out!

(Now I only feel it fair to mention that she prefaced this whole exchange by telling me of how it was her birthday and how she really enjoyed the wine she had just had. )

I still thought this little monologue to be hilarious and worth sharing.


Afro Diva said...

I don't know, sometimes "weird" ladies are messengers sent to remind you of what you're supposed to be doing. Go ahead and step into greatness you good looking superstar!

DivineLavender said...

See the Panthers WERE in Iowa, My Momma (an Iowan) was one and she started the Black Student Alliance and our high school (DHS). *Momma graduated first then I came behind her, of family name is a legend!) Nappy Hair, Fist UP IN IOWA, Man!

See T, you sleeping on Iowa everyday...everyday.

Listen to her...regardless of her age and looking wierd God speaks through all people. At least you heard her, but did you listen?

Singing and snapping my fingas..*Things that make ya go Hmmmmm, Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmm!*

(Why am I reading your blog at 5 in the dayum mornin'!?!)

T.C. said...

I agree with afro diva....she was just there to send you a message...take from it what you can...Step know its time...actually you have been stepping up with keep it up!!

j.a.c. said...

LOL! That's funny Teej. She speaking it for a reason though! Liisssttteeeennnnnnn!!! =)

MIssy said...

I always enjoy your thoughts

Drea said...

Guess who's bizzack...

ok let me catch up... TJ you are the sh*t!... I *heart* you Teej... I miss you T dot J sooooo much (I'm being sarcastic... but there is some truth to all of this non sense)

But anyway the weird is a little off... your not destined for greatness... cause you are allready the greatest ;)

BluJewel said...

That's some pretty profound information. Don't knock her hustle because she ended with the fact that she had wine. Maybe it was the wine that reduced her apprehensions enough to speak to you. The Divine does not reveal Himself in the obvious. Take what she said under advisement and guidance.

Be blessed.

Reese said...

and to think I thought this shit only happened to me.. LOL
Real Comedy Mr. Armour.

A woman on the move said...

She started first by telling me that I have an aura about me. And that I seem to be a gentle giant

Decoded: Perhaps you would let me get to know you better, LOL

I would have asked her if she took her meds today (with a straight face) and waited for a repsonse...LOL