Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Exit : Teej. Enter : Tzo (The Fashion Show)

"runway tip: dont walk with ya ass out, niggs will be lookin for u after the show!" - Stace

LMAO. Word! I was maaaad conscious of my ass but I swear to something sacred I still got some uncomfortable small talk from a couple dudes afterwards. Such is life I suppose.

I would love to tell yall that I ripped shit, but that wasnt the case. It wasnt hard for me to shine. The other 2 black dudes beside myself were old, short and really really gay. I had no choice but to stand out.

I went to get fitted yesterday. They had me rocking some preppy shit that you might see the boy Kanyeeeezy in. Sweater vest, zip ups and etc. Multi-layered though. Ya man was 'sweating like a nigga at a white woman funeral'. We did the walk thru like 1/2 hour before the show started.

First run : Mad nervous. A little unsure. But by time I got to the end of the runway I can tell that they were loving the kid. Okay I got this.

Second run : I aint new here. I grew here! Yalll mu'fuckaz aint ready for Tzo! Give 'em a slight pimpish stroll. Hit the end of the runway. Stop. Wink at a chick. Turn ya back. Let 'em eat ya dust. Shit was baby food yo! Maaaad easy.

"You were great! A natural I'd say. I can tell you've done this before. Do you have an agent?" - Rita Reed

Shit I might've landed myself an agent tonight. This Rita Reed lady wants me to call her and discuss her possibly representing me or something to that effect. I dunno yo. It was cool, but I still dont like this runway shit.

btw....'Tzo' is the name given to me accidentally by someone who mistook me introducing myself as 'TJ' for 'Tzo'. I've decided that 'Tzo' will be my bold side and modeling alter ego.

Yeah...so when I do some outrageous shit.....it wont be TJ or Teej. It will be Tzo. I love it already!!!


dreamgirl said...

That's what the hell I'M talkin' about TEEJ!! Tzo's the mf'n man, dude. Let him out more often...I love watchin' shoulders be justifiably dusted.

Afro Diva said...

Umm Hmm, all that I'm shy nonsense, you're a Star TJ!! Oops I mean Tzo :-)

Trizzy said...

You ain't HARDLY foolin' me with the shy-guy facade! LOL

Ummm...about the o'dark-thirty M.I.A. act?! Apparently my computer was sleepy...cuz it just shut the hell down!

Lesley said...

Yay!!!! :)

s.R said...

only in the world of modeling would someone mistake TJ for TZO. That's funny.

Just make sure you don't lay down on any couches to get a good agent. Well, then again, maybe you should. ha

DivineLavender said...


T.C. said...

I am loving it...get 'em Tzo!

Kk said...

Tzo? No. That's gay. lol

NegroPino said...

I like it.....:-0 did u take pics?

Reese said...

I have a runway for you to walk... Clothing optional.. HAHAHA.
Good Job!

BluJewel said...

I don't know you like that, but it sounds like you did the damn thing sweetie. Btw, I know you've heard it all before, but you are a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I love the first and second run descriptions! I can truly identify. You made me miss the runway. Do your thing Tzo.