Thursday, October 05, 2006

The "There's The Funny And The Sad " List

1. ".....I love you anyhow/And I dont care if you dont want me/Im yours right now/You hear me?/I put a spell on you/Because you're mine" - Nina Simone "I Put A Spell On You"
2. Damn...I guess Nina was not playing around with the boy
3. I went to a fancy tasting party thrown by the Hennessey people
4. Got a chance to sample the Hennessey Richard that costs $1500 per bottle!!!!
5. Wanna know what it taste like?
6. The same damn Hennessey I get at the club for $8!!!
7. Okay so maybe they had just came from church
8. But why'd your swedish pancakes look like pancake strips though?
9. Is that how they're supposed to look?
10. So wait.....why is Mike Tyson about to fight again?

11. "50 and I never dated ... despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don't know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me." - Mya on 50 Cent's claim that he slept with her
12. LMAO......'Daaaaaaaaaamn homie'
13. About that whole 'Go hard, work out everyday til my fashion show' thing......
14. .........ehhh not so much
15. I've come to learn that I dont have the discipline I thought I did
16. At the very least the discipline comes and goes
17. Same goes for food
18. I've eaten soooo much crap since that post
19. Eating right/healthy while broke or on a budget is damn near impossible
"Fast food got me feeling sick/these muthafuckas think they slick/by trying to make this bullshit affordable....." - CeeLo (Goodie Mob) "Soul Food"
21. The baby goes to the dentist and dies
22. This fucker shoots up a school full of Amish girls

23. Some shit just fails to make sense
24. When was the last time a really good movie came out?
25. And shit....what about a really good movie with some damn black people in it?!?!?!
26. Is it bad to wish that Bush and his whole damn cabinet just fucking spontaneously combust?
27. Or better yet....can we be timeported to 2008 already?
28. Will Okrah persaude Barack to run for Prez in '08?
29. You think Jesse Jackson will hate seeing as though Barack has the most legit shot at it that any black man has ever had?
30. I mean I dig dude's music and all.......
31. ....but I dont think Im ready for a Jon B. Christmas album
32. Maybe it's just me
33. "Real loud clap (CLAP)/All yall freeze/One more clap (CLAP)/Charlie Greene say 'Bus Stop' please" - Charlie Greene "Bus Stop"
34. Yall dont know nann nathan bout no "Bus Stop"
35. Chi-Town where you at?!?!?!?!
36. Either this list is flowing really easily or I rushed this one
37. And I'll have you know FYI that I dont need to take the whole bag of ginko
38. They say if you dont lie about shit you wont have to remember shit
39. So Im proud to be able to have CRS
40. CRS = 'Cant Remember Shit' in case you're wondering
41. I dont think TO tried to take himself out the game....literally

42. Trishee I pray for ya.....hard
43. Les/Lor you too!
44. 'leeny you be brave now, ya hear?
45. "Lean on me when you're not strong/And I'll be your friend/I'll help you carry on/If there is a load you have to bear/That you can't carry/I'm right up the road/I'll share your load/If you just call me" - Bill Withers "Lean On Me"
46. Kinda cliche it sounds but that's how I really feel
47. I hate when my friends have to go through it like this
48. My prayers go out to Kesha and Courtney too
49. ......and then sometimes I just need a minute to myself
50. Shit can get too thick every so often

51. Did he say they should 'kick it like Tae-Bo'?
52. Nooooo Akon nooooooooooo!

53. Wait! The song is called "Smack That Ass"?
54. *sigh*

55. Im glad they sent Monique home on ANTM
56. She was bad bizness
57. Too much negative energy
58. WTF was with that coonish/negro spiritual song thingy the judges did though?
59. "'Cause you don't know that you ain't just a janitor/No one told you about Benjamin Banneker/A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac/Can't you see where KRS is coming at?/With Eli Whitney, Hallie Salassie/Granville Woods made the walkie-talkie/Louis Lattimer improved on Edison/Charles Drew did a lot for medicine/Garrett Morgan made the traffic light/Harriet Tubman freed the slaves at night/Madame CJ Walker made the straightening comb/But you won't know this if you weren't shown..." - KRS-ONE (BDP) "You Must Learn"
60. This song was the first time I had heard of alot of these people
61. Remember before the huge commercialization of hiphop when we would get shit like this?
62. Why dont hiphop educate no more?
63. "because they´d rather be bouncin´ and shootin´ and killin´ and bouncin´and shit " - Andre 3000 (Outkast) "Return Of Da 'G'"
64. Exactly Dre, exactly!
65. Live your lives yall

66. I implore you to do so


DivineLavender said...

33. "Real loud clap (CLAP)/All yall freeze/One more clap (CLAP)/Charlie Greene say 'Bus Stop' please" - Charlie Greene "Bus Stop"

*swingin my hips from side to side.*

T.C. said...
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T.C. said...

11. I love it...that's that PG County Maryland (where I am, born and raised) that's in her...that's how we do...KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR mouth cause Imma come back at you..LOVE IT!
23. People are totally SICK...and what they think he had planned to DO to them little girls...SICK...but it goes to show you the strength of having GOD in your life because those families are holding on...
28. You think we are really ready for that? I don't...neither him nor Hiliary...too many "old boys club" members still around....
54. *double sigh*
63. I so wish they did, BUT when they do the kids don't get one of my kids actually said "man I can't understand nothing Lupe is doesn't make no sense" *sigh*
66. Same to you Teej...Live it!

Anonymous said...

11. I was just about to say what t.c. said!!! Yeah PGC!! That sounds exactly like something she would say too. (I've had the pleasure of kicking it with her a couple of times.)
23. The Bible tells us that in the last days, critical times hard to deal with will be here. If this doesn't tell us that we're in the last days, I don't know what does.
25. I feel you man. I truly feel you. It appears that I keep "The Best Man" and "Brown Sugar" on repeat waiting for the next one.
31. Shut Up!
34. You got that right. (puzzled)
55. Ditto homie! Ditto!!!!
62. It does. You just have to search for it. Lupe's educating us. I love him!

NegroPino said...

Hey sexy..u have a good weekend now!!!!!!

tjeanise said...

You certainly know your music...

Reese said...

I miss REAl hip hop.

Toi "aka" Pocahantas said...

Eating right/healthy while broke or on a budget is damn near impossible
20. "Fast food got me feeling sick/these muthafuckas think they slick/by trying to make this bullshit affordable....." - CeeLo (Goodie Mob) "Soul Food"

Can I get an AMEN!!

Toya said...

OMG! thank you for posting the artist name for the Bus Stop song cuz i keep getting fatback instead when i look it up on youtube...i see this is a old blog post anyways. i'm from chi-town too and heard that on v103 earlier today. one of my favorite slide songs! lol :-)