Monday, April 24, 2006

Ignorant Shit

While getting ready for work one day Bone Thugs N Harmony's "For The Love of $$$" came on. I was jamming along with them, trying to sing along with they turbo tongued asses, yall know how we do. Then Eazy's part came on and it struck me. That was some ignorant ass shit he just said!!! It got me to thinking about other ignorant ass lyrics that we sing along and jam to without thinking about it. So I decided to write this blog of the most ignorant lyrics I could remember off hand. Feel free to add any if you like.

"Standing on the corner slangin my rocks/Awwwwwww shit!/Here come the mu'fuckin cops!/ So I dash, I ducks, and I hides behind a tree/hoping that the po-po's dont see me/Now my fat sack of rocks...hell yeah I stuffed 'em..." - Eazy E "For The Love of $$$"

"A bitch...../wait to you see my dick!" - Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

"How you aint gon fuck?/Bitch Im me!!!" - Ludacris "Stand Up"

"To the window/to the wall/To the sweat drop down my balls/To all these bitches crawl/To all skeet skeet muthafucka/all skeet skeet goddamn/To all skeet skeet muthafucka/all skeet skeet goddamn!" - Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz "Get Low"

"Sometimes I feel like a nut {*KNOCK KNOCK*}/It melts in ya mouth/not in ya butt/oh and.....tell your girl to stop changin her lip stick/I'm startin to get rainbows around my dick" - Sticky Fingaz of Onyx "Da Nex Niguz"

"I used to take 'em out to eat/but they wasn't really eatin/'Mighta got a little head/but I wasn't really cheatin" - Common "Faithful"

"That's the way you get 'em mayn/sneak up on 'em and you kill 'em/And they wont fuck wit ya no more" - Krayzie Bone "Shoot 'em Up"

"If it's not violence or drugs/I have nothing to spit/I'd be lyin if I talk some spiritual shit/Like Kirk Franklin and them/That just ain't me/I can't tell you about God/but I can tell you about a key/And what I'll do to God's children if they jerk me/Hurt me?/Never, that'll be a sin/I'ma put the Bible to your head/and shoot through Matthew verse 10" - Sheek Louch (of The Lox) "You Told Me"

"How we goin out to eat?/I thought you didnt swallow?" - Joe Budden "Focus"

"....sittin' in church drinkin' a 40 oz. of Holy Water" - Ganksta NIP "Bring It On"

"Shut up slut!/you're causin’ too much chaos/Just bend over and take it slut, okay Ma?/'Oh, now he's rapin’ his own mother/abusing a whore/snorting coke, and we gave him the Rolling Stone cover?!?!?'/You goddamn right BITCH, and now it's too late......" - Eminem "Kill You"

"When me and my posse stepped in the house/All the punk ass niggaz start breakin out/Cause you know, they know whassup/So we started lookin for the bitches with the big butts/Like her, but she keep cryin...."I got a boyfriend"/Bitch stop lyin'!!/Dumb ass hooker ain't nuttin but a dyke/Suddenly I see some niggaz that I don't like/Walked over to 'em and said "Whassup?"/The first nigga that I saw/hit 'em in the jaw/Ren started stompin 'em and so did E/By that time we got rushed by security/Out the door but we don't quit/Ren said "Let's start some shit!"/I got a shotgun and here's the plot/Takin' niggaz out with a flurry of buckshots.... " - Ice Cube "Gangsta Gangsta"

Got any others to contribute?

So in an effort to balance out all this ignorance....this is the link to a song quote blog that I did a while ago. It contains lyrics that I find inspirational and really true among other things. Ironic enough, a couple of artist appear in both. Enjoy...


stupid Sexy Flanders said...

Pussy aint nothin but meat on a bone/ you suck it , you fuckit/ then you leave it alone.. UGK

Anonymous said...

I was gonna leave ya a gang of song lyrics TJ, but I just couldn't stomach it no mo. "I found you, Ms. New Booty" yuck. Clo

Anonymous said...

I luv your post teej! my contribution: "i don't charge by the inch I charge by the foot"....................i'm not a prostitute but i'll knock the boots.....DJ Quick (Bitch betta have my money)

Miz JJ said...

Little cutie rat, walking by with the doobie wrap
Tight blue jeans, air max
Small Gucci bag
No loot and no job
Stay home giving blow jobs
--Oochie Wally

I love the beat, but that song is straigh up ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you pointed out how ignorant some of these lyrice are...I shudder to think of all the subconscious damage we inflict on ourselves everytime we mindlessly sing along

You know I thug 'em, fuck 'em, love 'em, leave 'em
Cause I don't fuckin' need 'em
Take 'em out the hood
Keep 'em looking good
But I don't fuckin' feed em
(Jay-Z, Big Pimpin)

I think I cried the first time I actually listend to the words!

lenny said...

ok i love both of these songs... but the lyrics are pretty triflin:

I'm a show you what it is not to be a window shopper
Mama you can have Fendi, mama you can have Prada
All you gotta do is break a nigga off proper
You could be with your man, I ain't tryna stop ya
-lil wayne "shine"

What it is hoe, ah what's up
Can a nigga get in them guts
Cut you up like you ain't been cut
Show your ass how to really catch a nut
Well give me you number and I'll call
And I'll follow that ass in the mall
Take you home, let you juggle my balls
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls
-trillville "some cut"
this wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so violent... beatin AND tearin down someone's walls does not sound fun...

chocoflwr said...

I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya face I need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill
I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya face I need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill
I said if ya see a tipdrill point her out, where she at
Point her out, where she at
Point her out, there she goooooes
I said if ya see a tipdrill point her out, where she at
Point her out, where she at
Point her out, there she goooooes
-Nelly "E.I. tipdrill remix"
This song was so terribly ignorant and I couldn't even get through the video

chocoflwr said...

Ok I had to add some ignant comment from females too since people are only posting male lyrics.

[Tweet (Chorus):]
No panties comeing off
My love is gonna cost
Cause ain't no way
That you gonna get up
In this for free


Look boo what da deal
You got my cash for you up in here
I know you be packing the steel
But I can't suck a dick
And get my lipstick smeared
Fuck nigga don't be grabing my braids
You got some cash then I'm easily
Persuade this ass thats all it
Takes see I can last all night
And all day
- Trina "No Panties"

Pussy don't fail me now
I gotta turn this nigga out
So he don't want nobody else
But me and only me
Pussy don't fail me now
I gotta turn this nigga out
So he don't want nobody else
But me and only me
- Missy "Pussycat"

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with "anonymous" cant knock no Jay-Z lyrics... that shit is just what its called "Big Pimpin"

"RAF" said...

Anything by d4L or ying yang twins...what the f*ck is dun dun dunt? ("I wanna (dun dun dunt) (oh)
Cuz you so thick")
please tell me.....

Ms. CJ said...

You came stronger
I lasted longer
Than I've ever lasted
your mouth was fantastic
the fuck test
you passed it
the way you made a nigga laugh
I had to getcha
and when I saw that ass pass
I had to hit cha
ya makin me fight against my will
What must I do?

[Would ya kill for me?]
Ya if my life in danger too
[Even steal for me?]
Ya if that shit belongs to you
[Then feel for me?]
Ya if the way you act is true

Now if thats not ignorant on SO MANY LEVELS i dont know what is.

Thank you eightball & MJG for that lesson in space age pimpin...

Tasha said...

Wow! I had to pick my bottom jaw up off the ground! What the hell?? Those lyrics are out right embarrassing! And we wonder why were looked at the way we are in the "rap" industry! That is so damn ignorant...and I’m mad because I’ll be jamming and hella grooving to it! UGH! I am so mad right now!

Cheetarah1980 said...

I'm surprised no one mentioned my all time favorite ignorance.

Well you can lick it
You can flip it
You can taste it
I'm talkin every drip drop
Don't you waste it
Baby slurp it up
It's enough to fill your cup
It's finger lickin good
And I'm wishin you would
Go down kinda slow
or even fast
I was sprung once I feel your tongue
in the crack of my ass
yes I need a nigga...

Akinyele..."Put in Ya Mouth"

Now that is pure genius.

StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research: