Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Something New?

Well not really. I dunno my good people. Im fully aware that I havent been blogging like I used to. I dont wanna say I aint feeling it b/c that aint the case. I just havent been blogging and I havent been reading all my peoples blogs either. I am just not finding enough hours in the day as of late. And Im still only getting like 4-6 hours of sleep per night. I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things soon. And it isnt like the whole world is sitting on pins and needles awaiting Teej's newest blog entry..I've just heard from a few peeps that I need to get it going.

So no DeeDee.....I aint lost. You dont have to come and get me. LOL.
And okay Clo...here's a small lil something to hold you over along with the Psychology Today. No need to poke me with sticks.
And Echo....I know I have a challenge to accept. Im on it. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Did I poke you with sticks? I don't rightly recall that part. Damn, there it is in your comment section. I can't refute it now. It's okay, I was on hiatus all last week when I was going through it . . . so I know how it can be. Be well and prosper young TJ.

Dmoney (the honey) said...

I ain't get no shoutie, shawty.
Tsk thrice.

Reese said...

Umm I actually look forward to reading what's going on in that complex big mind of yours!! I don't get to holla atcha that much and I miss u sometimes. It will be ok.. Soon. Love ya! Reese

Deeds said...

Awwwwwe Teej....:)

I'm coming to get you anyway young:)

Now that (we) know your safe...let the whoopin begin!:)


NameLiar said...

Dang Teej you been gone so long you don't even know that Echo doesn't exist. Its Blk Silk now. She flipped the script on us.

Dang cuz-o you have been missing all of the fun...What's your schedule like this week?

Lesley said...

I feel you...

I've fallen off.

It happens. :)