Thursday, October 06, 2005

No More Drinks For Me!

"Im so tore/look like my eyes been stitched together with stitches..."
- E40 "Hurricane"

"To the man up above to whom the thanks Im giving/I'll never drink again if you just let me keep living"
- DJ Quik "Tonight"

And so you can tell what this blog is about already, right? Last night I had to go to a CD release party that I really didnt wanna attend but had to for political purposes. But oh well my hand was kinda forced so I convinced my boy Leo to roll along since Im there on my tv show's behalf and dammit it's his show too!

So 2 things.....1. I heard the party advertised on the radio. Thats a big no-no. Maybe Im spoiled or old or even a bit stuck up, but I dont do events advertised on the radio. That's just the potential for too many people. And 2. Dammit I opened up a tab! Why do I do this? Didnt I learn my lesson in Florida? And while I didnt clear $100 on my tab I came pretty fucking close. And the sad thing is I bought Leo like 2 drinks, my homegirl who I saw there got 1, this chick I was dancing with got 1, and well....the rest went to me.

Needless to say I ended the night at the gas station at like 3am cleaning my own throw up off the side of Leo's car with one of those window swegie things!!!! LOL. Im such a compulsive obsessive ass. Why on earth do I do these things?


brooklyn babe said...

Teej lemme find out, I gotta find U a meeting.... whom I kiddin' I'd have to join U... been there.
But I don't do tabs.
(i bring my own...heck a sistah aint trying to spend $100 on $20 worth of drinks....Puh-leeze)
Can U say... "cute sheik canteen..." (mad stylish)
Aaaah the hay days.... different chick now.

stacypatrice said...

ok teej..enuff is enuff damnit! how many more times u gonna repeat the same mistake? yeah im talkin in ebonics cuz u actin like a negro...startin to think radio parties may be yo thang!
and i couldnt even get a cup of tea...damn teej!

Deeds said...

Was that the "Roll Bounce" CD release party by chance?...

Stop drinking on an empty stomach young teej...I bet that's what did it...huh?

ty ty s. cake said...

did you end up at the Embassy with this pretty little thing from Memphis Tennesee?

Reese said...

Teej, Teej ** Shakes Head ** There u go again huh? LMAO
Next time get one of those man purse's...then get some mini liquor bottles and BAM! there u have it! A traveling bar right on your arm.
I think you're metro enough to handle the "Man Purse" haha.
Love ya crazy!

gaia! said...

you just made my sorry ass friday! LMAO!!! i just pictured a 6'4" teej bent over some tiny little car, at the gas station with a squigy. don't ask me why i invision a mini, but i do. hope you're felein' better...and like yo girl said, EAT FIRST!!!

NameLiar said...

You little lush cuz-o. Am I going to have to take you to the Betty Ford clinic? I'm sure you will make lot of new friends there. Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love...the list goes on and

NO MORE TABS YA HEAR! Next I'm gon' tell your Momma, you just keep it up and watch me trick on you.

Blk Silk said...

Laffin @ you, as we would say here you got gooned up! I plan on getting my Jag(that's feeling good) on today!!!! Or course all I need is 2 of those tiny bottles.

I know you had fun!