Sunday, October 02, 2005

The "Guess Who's Back/What Had Happened Was..." List

1. “It’s natural to fall off / just land close to the tree / I’ll be there if they need me to be……” – Pos of De La Soul “Trying People”
2. Somehow Im on my school’s alumni list but I didn’t graduate
3. ….yet! *wink*
4. Not having a middle name sucks
5. I have no earthly idea as to how to turn my cell phone off
6. I got it over a month ago and it hasn’t been off since the lady in the store turned it on
7. When I don’t want it to ring I just put the ring to ‘silent’.
8. My ol supposedly tech-savvy ass cant turn my phone off!
9. How absurd!!!
10. Does anyone know how the hell Keith Sweat managed to maintain a successful singing career for x amount of years w/o being able to actually sing?
11. 2 weeks in the beginning of September has now turned into November 1st
12. He’s my brother so I don’t mind
13. But I’ll be damned if the nigga cant eat!
14. Shouldn’t stupid people just have their own damn country/colony/space/place to ruin?
15. There aren’t many peeps who I woulda missed half of “Everybody Hates Chris” for
16. But she is her so she gets a pass
17. Besides……I got ringtones bitch!!!!
18. *Big cheese*
19. I apparently needed a blogging break
20. What’s funny is I was just talking to Echo about breaking from blogging
21. And I ended up doing it before she did!
22. Being a concierge flippin rox!
23. In my first week alone I got like 6 invites to different shit
24. Different free shit mind you
25. Different free shit WITH free food and drinks!
26. Yeah….exactly!
27. My 10 yr class reunion was this past weekend
28. I wasn’t as excited about it as I originally though I would be
29. Otherwise I woulda been more angry about missing all but 15 mins of it in a Leona’s (Restaurant) parking lot
30. Besides I think it coulda been organized a tad better
32. Les’ card was soooooo sweet
33. A million thanx to you Gentle Soul
34. Dude who the fuck is playing some techno shit that loud on a Sunday afternoon?
35. “…came to me to see if I can give ‘em guidance for change / Shit yall I need guidance myself!” – Pos of De La Soul “Trying People”
36. I can not stop listening to that song
37. Its incredible!
38. “….still it wont let go……”
39. He’s usually a good cook
40. But I was worried when he said he was waiting for the Hamburger Helper to “thicken”
41. He eventually gave up on said ‘Thickening’
42. But dude Im from the southside of the C.H.I.
43. We don’t play that shit
44. It was still good
45. Even if I had to put it in a strainer
46. My 2 favorite heifers are probably teary eyed, laughing and reading this now
47. I wanna write more well rounded lists like Les
48. The Boondocks on TV every Sunday night!!!
49. Somebody please go buy Little Brother’s album “The Minstrel Show”

50. It’s only the best HIPHOP record in YEARS!!!!


ty ty s. cake said...

Little Brother is aight...

umm... is your brother cute? I might pay a visit (and bring food) if so.

Deeds said...

Heifer #1 here....ROLHAO!!!
"Soups ON!"...(Mills)

That was the funnist ish I had ever heard of young teej:)

Straining Hamburger Helper...WTF?

Anonymous said...

Ok, when you sign in as anonymous they make you type this encripted thing and it erases your whole entire blog comment from your brain. That's eerie. Minstrel Show has been on constant rotation in my whip. Stop actin' like yous the only one who knows what's up! A girl's got good tastes and savvy too dammit. You ain't the only one. C

NameLiar said...

"Heifer" #2 present and accounted for.

Man cuz-o people are buying the hell out of that Little Brother CD at da sto'.

I know I called ya hambuger helper soup, but I bet it was still good even tho' it was strained...LMAO!

Reese said...

** Shakes Head** To be a bachelor ... straining Hamburger Helper.. OMG! LMAO U are a fool.. You probably put too much water in it.. umm hmm that will definitely mess up the Thickening haha .. I don't know if I'm heifer #2.. but I'm somewhere up in the top 5. Love ya Crazy Boi And I'm back from Cali.. ((sigh)) AGAIN.

courtneyelizabeth said...

lol @ Hamburger Helper

brooklyn babe said...

you str8ght got no sense in Ur head.
i love it.
Yeah I think blog breaks is spreading like the clap, out this
I'm about to take another short pause for the cause.... altho' I pop in to read.

Echo said...

Hey, Hey, Hey...glad your back, and I was missing in action too, and now I'm back.

Straining Hamburger Helper??? Was it good?

Lesley said...

I'm sneaking!!


I loved the list...

and many "your welcomes" to you.

It was the first of many.


Hamburger Helper?


Oh Lordy.

And... I am phone dumb myself. lol

We'll talk soon!!!!