Saturday, October 02, 2004

Stupid Guests

The following is just a couple of random conversations 'tween I and some of our stupid, spoiled geust at the hotel.....

Conversation 1

Phone rings.
Me : Guest Services. This is Anthony. How may I help you?
Guest : The hotel has an ATM inside, right?
Me: Unfortunately we dont sir.
Guest : So the hotel does'nt have an ATM inside?
Me (Thinking) : Aint that what the fuck I just said Genius!
Me : No sir.
Guest : So where is the closest ATM?
Me : There's one at the very end of the block.
Guest : At the end of the block? So where is it?
Me (Thinking) : Look you fucker! I am not in the best of moods. Bring your happy ass downstairs and I MIGHT think about pointing you in the right direction.
Me : You would make a left out of the front door and it will be at the very end of the block.
Guest : Okay thanks.
Me : Uh huh

Conversation 2

These guest are just leaving the restaurant inside the hotel. It's like 11pm, and they dont see a doorman outside so they decide to come to me while Im behind the front desk....

Guest : Excuse me. Can we get a cab?
Me (Thinking) : Sure if you take your ass outside. What the fuck do you want me to do from behind this desk?
Me : Sure hold on. Paul! Can you get a cab for these guests.

Yeah I know that one was short but the point is....Im not in a good mood right now. And I fucking hate it when people ask me about getting a cab while Im behind the front desk. Like cant you take your uppity well to do ass outside and flag down a cab? And shit to be honest with you. Im a young 6 foot 5 inch black man! Your ass would do better at getting a cab before me anyways...

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steeeeen said...

That cab shit is hilarious!