Monday, October 04, 2004

Conversation WIth Myself

TJ : I think Im depressed.
Teej : Boy what the fuck is wrong with you?
TJ : Didnt you hear me? I think Im depressed.
Teej : About what fool?
TJ : Just shit on my mind....tired.
Teej : Tired of what? It's that girl isnt it!
TJ : Well.......
Teej : Uh huh. It's her.
TJ : No not really. Well actually thats a part of it.
Teej : Cant lie to me fool.
TJ : Things are just a lil foggy and I wish they werent. Im trying my best to be patient. But at the same time I wanna help remedy the situation. I dont wanna be idle about it b/c that wont help shit. You know what? I dont wanna talk about this no more.
Teej : Well fuck you then....go on with ya depressed ass. Go jump offa building or some shit! With ya punk ass......ol sucka for love ass nigga!

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Anonymous said...

get off of it. NOW!