Saturday, October 02, 2004

Some Random Shit

Bush is an moron. I saw something on the internet...a sign somewhere that said "Somewhere in Texas, there is a village missing their idiot!" How real is that. I didnt see all of the first debate, but I saw enough. The more that fool talks, the more Im trying to figure how he'll get ANY votes. Who knowingly votes for someone that dumb? Well shit maybe he aint that dumb....the fucker figured out how to steal a fucking election and get away with it. So I say all that to say Buck Fush! Get out and do your part to removve this clown, will ya?

Also on some totally random shit....when Im at work on the overnight...I google people I know. It's actually kinda fun. Hell I google myself!

The other night I semi-drunkingly left my ATM card in the machine at 2am, the next day I went to inquire as to how to get it know the lady told me that the machine probably shredded my shit! She made me fill out a form to get another card sent to me within 7-14 business days. What kinda fucking timeframe is that? Why dont you just say 1-2 weeks? I can count you know. Plus I dont think the machine shredded shit! I think she never had to deal with that particular problem before and didnt know what else to tell me. Why the fuck would the ATM machine have a built in shredder? I might be a lil slow sometimes but I aint dumb yo!

And lastly.....I just ate a bagel w/ cream cheese and jelly. and about 20 tootsie rolls...all within a 10 minute timeframe. No real importance to that 'cept for the fact that it's my blog and I say what I want to. LOL. Alright Im done abusing the powers of free blog speech.

P.S. B U S T!!!!!!!.......ya heard me? I wasnt exaggerating with that one.

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