Sunday, October 24, 2004

BET/Eminem/Michael Jackson

Am I a traitor b/c I dont think the Eminem video "Just Lose It" is that bad. Like I know that Mike is going through his trials and all....but geez have a sense of humor will ya?

U gotta admit the bit about about Michael on the floor looking for his nose amongst a room full of people after accidentally knocking it off is hilarious! Well at least to me.

I mean to me the only objectionable part of the video/song is where Em says "....I done touched on everything but little boys/ And that's not a stab at Michael/ I'm just psycho..." Now when I heard that I was like "Now how now Mr. Mathers. Watch yourself buddy. You're pushing it!" But isnt that one of the reasons we like Em. Cause he pushes the envelope? I think he gets more flack than most cause he's a white guy doing a mostly black artform. But the fucker is G O O D!

Anyways...thats my 2 cents. I thought it was BIG that BET pulled the video. I was like "Whoa! Mike has juice like that?!?!" Fuck you Jimmy Iovine! Fuck you Interscope Records! Fuck you Universal Music Group Distribution! Im Michael Mu'fucking Jackson....and I can get your shit pulled bitch! LOL!

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