Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unconditional Love Vs. Outright Stupidity (A Scenario)

What's the difference between loving someone unconditionally and being outright stupid in regards to the person you love. How closely are they related?

A girl is in love with her male best friend. The guy sorta knows it but...ehhhhhh....he's not really there. He loves her but not quite in the same way. She holds out hope because no one makes her feel like him. She has plenty other suitors but she's only checking for him. In their alone moments, even though they arent intimate, she senses something there. Almost everyone around them knows she's crazy about him and she's not shy in admitting to anyone who asks. She watches him go in and out of relationships hoping he'll snap out of it one day and realize she is who he needs. She's made up her mind that she believes in this love that much that she'll stick around until it's made painfully clear that she's wasting her time....and she's hella-stubborn lol. It's essentially Brandy's "Have You Ever?" played out in real life. We've all seen this story like 50-leven times, right? Unconditional Love or Outright Stupidity?


Ndygo Sunshyne said...

Unconditionally loving stupidity.

Miss Mary a.k.a M.C. said...

Well isn't unconditional love illogical at best? So in a way, you could say it's both. However, what does separate unconditional love from outright stupidity is time. I do think there should be time constraints on these things. It is hard to "fall out of love" with someone. However, there has to be a moment where you love yourself MORE, or at least enough to know when to take a bow and walk away.

I think more than the belief that a person is "the one," is the notion of reciprocity. I mean that's what any great love story is about, the give and take. It's too lonely to pine away in love with someone from afar or in the case of the lady in question, with someone you see on a regular basis and call "friend." To me, it puts you in a position of complacency, you're WAITING on the moment you hope he'll reciprocate your feelings, meanwhile, he's steady living his life, dating, going in and out relationships, while your life is at a standstill, waiting on a MAYBE? Illogical and borderline dumb as hell. After a while, you have to throw in the towel, for your own sake, for your own sanity, for your heart. Move on. Live. Love. Learn.

Sorry, this got longwinded, but I definitely know people going through this.

T.C. said...

it sounds like the girl in 27 dresses...remember and then she finally kisses the guy and there is NOTHING her own time she'll see but you can see stuff until you are ready to see it