Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Trouble With Love

So while watching "Love Actually" for the eleventy millionth time.....I took note of this song. I just knew it was Mariah singing. Then I got to the end of the movie and the video was a bonus feature. Needless to say that both my manliness and I were shocked to discovered we were jammin to mu'fucking KELLY CLARKSON! After reviewing the man-law handbook I found a small loophole in Chapter 6, Section 4-40c that allowed me to remain a man indeed. Tell me she don't sound like "Vision of Love" Mariah on this shit. Anyways say what you will.....this song is the shit. The lyrics are on point. I'll gladly accept my #latepass

1 comment:

Aprill said...

love this song, and it does kinda sound like Mariah