Monday, January 04, 2010

The "Arrogant, Pompous and Cocky" List

1. "I'm supposed to be arrogant, pompous and cocky/ You oughta thank God you finally got me/ you ungrateful fucks!" - B-Roc

2. Clearly I've tossed 'modesty' aside for the moment

3. Sometimes I do believe you need to indulge in some ol Nikki Giovanni "Ego Tripping" shit

4. I said it before and it bears repeating : I'm the most modest person ever......but in my head? Oh in my head I'm conceited as shit!

5. You like how I balance modesty and conceit so easily, eh?

6. Tis all a defense mechanism really

7. You can give someone your best advice but at the end of the day....they must walk their own path

8. All you can really do after that is support them as best you can

9. Honestly I'm pretty damn sick about it all but I have to put on my big boy underwear and forge ahead

10. "I cant let you know it/ Pride wont let me show it/ Pretend to be heroic/ That's just one to grow with/ but deep inside a nigga so sick....." - Jay-Z "Song Cry"

11. And this whole "Jay-Z sold his soul to the devil and is satan/the anti-Christ" thing?.......Eh....Not so much

12. I'm all for a good conspiracy theory but I think it all likkle bit much

13. #kanyeshrug

14. Shouts out to Tiff aka @HoneyBiscuits for finally getting down with the twitter get down. And Shaneen and Tam for (possibly) getting back in the swing of things ;)

15. Anyone else glad that the (Bad News) Bears' season has finally been put to rest?

16. Talk about a freggin let down......but with that said....I think with some gelling and a couple key changes (ie. Ron Turner being shown the permanent way out of Chicago, and Lovie falling back on calling the defensive plays) we might could have something next year

17. Before I put my modesty hat back on let me just add..........

18. "No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness" - Aristotle

19. I may have forgotten to mention this but : I determined some time ago that I am actually a genius

20. MENSA cant tell me shit

21. Hey if I dont believe in my own greatness who the hell will?

22. Okay I think I'm done with my ego schtick now

23. See Les? Your lists are very do-able here. Now get started!

24. The news is literally becoming unbearable to watch. I have to watch in 10 day increments

25. Between mugs trying to blow planes up by setting their drawers on fire, innocent old men being shot in the face, and another student from Fenger being gunned down......

26. *le sigh*

27. "How you gonna have me jealous of myself??? That's some REAL pimpin! Talk about playing with my emotions..." - @AngieWrites

28. #sixwordstories : Ang you really are a Godsend ;)

29. Sorry to put you on blast-ation but the world needs to know about you lol

30. Congratulations on your engagement Kia

31. ......and another one for Black Love!

32. Chellz said I write about Love an awful lot

33. All I could do was chuckle b/c she's right and I have no excuse

34. I really dont want an excuse either.

35. #sixwordideas : "Find Heaven in yourself and God" - Common

36. Speaking of finding God....if you haven't checked out the book "The Shack" it's a must read

37. On the advice of a good friend I'm reading it now and it's eye-opening to say the least

38. Are yall watching the show "Jacksons : Family Dynasty" on A&E?

39. Jermaine! Jermaine! Jermaine! I wanna see him and Tito box so bad so that Tito can whoop his ass good!

40. How do they all fit in the room with him and his ego?

41. And the hair? It's like he uses a combo of crisco, motor oil, vaseline, fatback & blue magic!

42. "If someone puts up a wall it's NOT your job to break through it. Thieves break in. Guests are INVITED in." - K. Mcllwaine

43. "People are unrealistic, illogical and self-centered. Love them anyway" - Mother Theresa

44. They say true strength is keeping it together when everyone would understand if you fell apart

45. #fuckshit

46. We were THIS close to not having to take Rush Limbaugh into 2010 with us. Oh well......

Happy New Year btw. Here's to a prosperous 2010 and beyond

48. At 11:55pm I put Stevie's "As' on repeat so it was the last song of '09 I heard and the first song of 2010. Then I put on Michael's "Rock With You" and Floetry's "SupaStar" and danced in my drawers in my bedroom

49. Kinda corny, huh? I swear I loved every minute of it

50. "True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked." - Erich Segal


Miss Mary a.k.a M.C. said...

Vaseline, motor oil and blue magic? The sad part is, I nodded my head thinking to myself, "maybe that's what it is." It's like an anomaly to find out what he puts in his hair, because clearly that's the key to finding out why this man's head is so big. The Jacksons reality show has become Mary's guilty pleasure for this winter.

Yes TJ, you do talk about love an awful lot, which most people probably don't have a problem with. It's just jarring to see it come from a guy. So many of your counterparts work overtime to kick love in the ass with a steel-toe boot. But love always wins my friend.

As an aside: I'd like to request alcohol be a part of Superior radio from here on out. LOL!

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