Friday, September 04, 2009

FUCK Rant 6

FUCK summer for skipping the Chi this year
FUCK Gucci Mane for just simply existing
FUCK Mariah for putting Gucci on the remix of ”Obsessed” so that white people will know he exists!
FUCK everyone at my job for interrupting me while Im trying to type this out
FUCK Chris Brown’s bowtie!

FUCK anyone that doesnt believe that EVERYONE should have health care
FUCK a ‘Free such and such’ tshirt campaign for obviously guilty muffoccurs. They are supposed to be for political prisoners and the wrongly accused. Your cousin did that shit and you know it!
FUCK Paula Deen for her deep fried butter balls. Oh just fucking shoot us already, why dont you?
FUCK stalking and harassing your ex. Push the fuck on dude!
FUCK having to suffer through writer’s block

FUCK the crime/homicide rate in the Chi right about now
FUCK waking up to the news that MY picture has been wrongly attached to a blog about Bey’s first boyfriend. Im TJ….not Lyndell!
F%#K arrogant white males that think they’re entitled to everything just because they’re white males. If yall dont GTFOHWTBS. This aint the 50’s homie!
F%#K not being comfortable in your own skin
F%#K you if you cant dig what it is that an artist does

F%#K BET for the “Frankie & Neffe” show
F%#K every single one of you 1.9 million bastards that tuned in and made “Frankie & Neffe” the highest rated debut in BET history
F%#K the fact that apparently this devastating LA fire was set intentionally
F%#K the critics who got something to say about ANY and EVERYTHING President Obama does. Can he fucking live already?
F%#K people STILL fronting and sweating Mike Vick like he aint already paid enough
F%#K the fact that Jon and Kate are even “stars” now

F%#K all these damn invites to become a fan of something on facebook. If I wanna be a fan of something…dammit I will. You aint gotta presure me into it!
F%#K Whitney’s botched performance on GMA. Whit you can do better
F%#K Pfizer and the rest of the drug companies for being on that bullshit
F%#K you if you aint picking up what Im putting down!

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