Friday, July 03, 2009

The "Rock And A Hard Place" List

1. “And when the groove is dead and gone/ You know that LOVE survives/ so we can rock forever on” - Michael Jackson “Rock With You”

2. God bless Michael, Farrah, Chasity Turner, little Jada Justice, and their families

3. Live your life yall.

4. Go out and find joy. Make your own damn joy if you gotta. Just be joyful!

5. So I think I get that BET was trying to save time by not bothering to go through the nominees before they announced the award winners….but what was up with Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo performing 3 times each?!?!?!!

6. And as for the BET Awards show overall…..welp I’ll chalk it up to them only having 3 days after Michael’s passing to change it up. Period.

7. Oh and one more thing…..after her performance is it safe to say that Beyonce is slowly but surely changing into the black Barbara Striesand?

8. Artest to the Lakers? If you cant beat ‘em you join ‘em I guess lol

9. It’s gonna be a really different NBA this year folks

10. “…but slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video/ and they think they can market you however that they decide to!’ - Drake “Say What’s Real”

11. And he said that BEFORE the “Best I Ever Had” video fiasco

12. I think dancing to “Bad Mamajama” and “Brickhouse” was pretty appropriate

13. Note To Self : As someone who DOESNT do spicy food, know that wasabi is NOT your friend!

14. So finally, a cool 8 months after the election, they declare Al Franken the winner for Jr. Senator of Minnesota. I thought they were gonna bamboozle him.

15. My LA vacay was the shit!!!

16. The time away from the Hotel Beezy was much needed……..

17. …..but alas I still didn’t get to see ALL my peeps. *sigh* I know too many damn people.

18. What’s it mean that I enjoyed myself at the live music spot with the cover band playing all my favorite 70’s jams waaaaaaay more than DJ So&So playing all the newest shit at Club Anywhere, USA?

19. Im so damn grown up I swear……at times

20. “….they don’t use the ink like me/ Niggas dont even THINK like me!/ Who sees what Im watching? ?!?!?” - Joe Budden “Dumb Out”

21. These international affairs (Cynthia McKinney imprisoned in Israel, Iran, North Korea, etc.) ain’t no joke!

22. Pray for patience, guidance and wisdom for President Obama in having to deal with all this madness

23. Being single but really digging on someone is why the term “between a rock and a hard place” was invented

24. Talk about feeling like you’re walking a tightrope……..

25. I need a rap name….STAT!

26. Go here : ……buy Meta’s shit. Its good reading, trust!

27. That was fun while it lasted. I suppose it couldn’t last forever. It was what we needed to be at the time and for that I’m grateful

28. Seen any good black love story movies lately?

29. We gotta do better in supporting black cinema yall

30. “God writes a lot of comedy. The trouble is he’s stuck with so many bad actors who dont know how to play funny!” - Mitch Hedberg

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