Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Survives…...So We Can Rock Forever!

“And when the groove is dead and gone/ You know that Love survives/ So we can rock forever…..” - “Rock With You”

To actually be in Los Angeles as all this has went in down is beyond surreal. There really doesnt seem to be sufficient words to say all that should be said. Or perhaps it’s that nothing really needs to be said?

There were singers/entertainers………..and then there was Michael.

Have you any idea of what it’s like to arguably be THE most famous person on the planet for 25 or so years?!?!!? There isnt a continent, let alone country that you can go to and it not be an event. The pressure!

And yet he was still human. Still the quiet and shy kid from Gary, Indiana that loved to sing and dance. It just so happened that he sung and danced exceptionally well. So well that it put him on a global stage that was more demanding of any one person than basic humanity should allow.

Above and beyond anything else, he was an extraordinary human being that contributed great gifts to just about all our lives. And THAT is how he should be remembered. THAT is how I am going to remember him.

He is Michael Jackson.

He is eternal.


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angie writes said...

Still hurts the same a year later. MJ Forever