Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love Is.....

Love is smiling at the sound of her name
Love is encouragement
Love is a Stevie song
Love is a Nikki poem
Love is being there when needed and it eating you inside when you cant be
Love is stronger than pride
Love is taking pleasure in pleasing her
Love is nuturing
Love is sacrifice
Love is making her fall in love over and over and over again
Love is playing their favorite song when they’ve had a bad day
Love is brave
Love is genuine adoration
Love is selflessness
Love is listening
Love is not being afraid to be vulnerable
Love is usually written all over your face
Love is magic in a bottle
Love is not wanting to be anywhere else
Love is a kind gesture w/o expecting anything in return
Love is giving
Love is taking the ribbing from the fellas on her behalf
Love is going the extra mile because you know they’re worth it
Love is an energy field
Love is confident
Love is patient
Love is empathizing
Love is communicating by eye from across the room when it’s full of people
Love is rebellious
Love is possible

Love is complicated
Love is worth it


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Ereca said...

i really love this teej, i wish more men thought like this.....