Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "Angry Black Man In A Elevator" List

1. “It’s a great day for genocide/ (What’s that?)/ Thats the day all the niggas died/ They killed JFK in ‘63/ so what the fuck you think they’ll do to me?!?!?” - Ice Cube “When Will They Shoot?”

2. Sometimes all this shit makes me wanna revert back to my extra-militant self

3. Got me listening to old Ice Cube, PE and The Coup and shit

4. This Skip Gates fiasco is just getting way outta hand

5. I dont think the “Beer Summit” was of any use since both parties have essentially left the door open to still sue one another

6. I commend President Obama for trying to help but he cant do everything

7. With this being a matter of race and him being…..ya know….black…..and also being…..ya know…..the president I think the presumption of bias on his part is too much

8. The bottom line though is once they were both inside and Gates proved it was his crib that shoulda been the end.

9. I can understand his frustration and mouthing off once inside seeing as though he had just got home from China. Have you any idea of that plane ride and then to come home and hafta deal with this shit?

10. Part of me cant help but wonder if there is a tinsy winsy bit of Gates that is pissed off for being treated like a regular nigga though.

11. On the other hand….I dont think white people will ever fully get it.

12. *cues Rhymefest’s “Angry Black Man On A Elevator”*

13. “My corporate people start bugging when I talk like this/ My corporate thugs be like ‘Nah Hov, talk that shit!’” - Jay-Z “Go Crazy” (Remix)

14. So much for the normal “order” of this list

15. I miss my Johnson girls. I need to get to Nap Town soon

16. What I learned while playing tour guide to my out of town friends is that I need to get out and rediscover my own damn city!

17. Sporadically breaking the day the day monotony of our everyday lives and doing tourist shit in our own cities is very highly recommended

18. Trust that you will be surprised at what you find

19. My friend ‘milah said I’ll never get a girlfriend b/c I stay in my phone too much and it’s draining my inter-personal skills

20. I admit to being bad about my phone but surely Im not THAT bad!

21. It’s not like you’re likely to get the fastest response from me if you tweet me or text me…..

22. ….oh wait, it sorta is….ah well! Get in where ya fit in! lol

23. In case you hadnt heard : Steriod use ran rampant in baseball for a long ass time til about 5 years ago

24. Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in ONE season yo!!!!!! Come the fuck on!!! 73?!?!!?!?

25. Not to single him out b/c he wasnt the only one but for the life of me…. I dunno why mugs is trying to act all shocked as if this were news

26. Gimme a break…word to Neil Carter!

27. “When you got a girl that takes her time/ you must go with the pace/ You cant mess with her mind/ If she feels the same she’ll let ya know/ Just prepare yourself and be ready to go/ And I hope this message stays in your mind/ cause you almost lost a girl thats right on time/ There’s one more thing you’ve got to know/ Just cool it down/ Stay in controooooool” - New Edition “Cool It Down”

28. So crazy to me how that shit that I sang when I was 7 yrs old can apply to my life as an 31 yr old adult

29. The power of music!

30. “Even though she pays me no attention/ All I wanna do is show her my affection/ Lose myself inside her ebony…/ But she aint even checking for me” - Maxwell “Sumthin’ Sumthin’”

31. I dunno where her head is at. I get the feeling she aint crazy over me like I am over her and well…..that kinda sux

32. Boy I’ll tell you bout me and these dreaming eyes of mine.

33. Alls I can do is continue to adore her. What will be will be I suppose.

34. See it’s stories like THIS make me stay with my argument that people need to test out before being allowed to have kids

35. God bless that little baby……didnt stand a chance. BOTH of the parents were schizophrenic??!!?!?

36. Where they do THAT at!?!!?!?

37. That shit really makes me sad. Makes me feel like….

38. “….and I dont even pray any more at night/ cause I dont think that anyone hears” - Regina Belle “So Many Tears”

39. And then the Burr Oaks shit……..

40. *le sigh*

41. “Every time I turn on the TV/ Somebody’s acting crazy/ If you let it, it’ll drive you crazy/ But Im taking back my power today…./We gotta keep on surviving/ Keeping living our truth and do the best we can do” - India.Arie “There’s Hope”

42. Did I mention that I may flirt a bit becuz (as for now) Im single but as far as Im concerned there’s everyone else and then there is her?

43. He was like ‘Dude she’s wifey material!’, and I was like ‘Nigga I know!!!!’

44. Someone get word to Nick & Mariah to let this one go. They do not wanna go back and forth with dude

45. Here we are at August and ‘SummaTime Chi’ STILL aint really kicked in….but it may be for the best becuz Chicago niggas obviously aint knowing how to act when the weather hits north of 80!

46. Remember yall….any and all shit you go through in this life is temporary and time will prove it to not to matter as much as you originally thought

47. The old folks say Ive been here before. I’s wise I tell ya!

48. This list seems to be pretty dark and melancholy

49. Let’s get some humor in b/c laughter is good for the soul….

50. “I went to Zimbabwe. I know how white people feel in America now; relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren’t coming after me!” - Richard Pryor

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