Friday, January 23, 2009

Misc. Blog 3

"Lord dont let me fall victim to this human nature/I know the way it is dont mean that's how it's supposed to be" - Solange "Ode To Marvin"

Nothing like getting your W2 and having it literally piss you off. I was having somewhat of a decent day at work til I opened that. If I hadda been thinking I woulda opened it at home AFTER 3 glasses of wine.....or a few shots of that Don Julio sitting on top of my fridge!

I honestly cant really be mad at it tho. It's doing nothing but reconfirming what I already knew. It's just confronting me with the cold hard truth head on. That truth is that Im not living up to my potential. Ive written before of how I dont wanna be that guy with hella potential that didnt do shit with it. And opening that W2 and hearing it essentially taunt me with "See those numbers Teej? You are literally wasting away!" does NOT feel good at all!

Enough bitching. Time to act. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT waste away another year of my life in this holding pattern. I like this gig at the Hotel Beezy alot, but it's not why I am here. It's not my passion. I've become comfortable. I must shake it up a bit. Shit....I can not continue to have this same "moment of clarity" every year at tax time.

I mean at a certain point....enough is enough, right? At least it should be, shouldnt it?

Be blessed yall.


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MonicaPayne said...

Q: At some point, enough is enough...right?
A: Yes.

Take a risk TJ..Step into uncertainty and see what happens. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised!

You have EVERYTHING it takes to make your dreams a reality!!!