Friday, February 06, 2009

FUCK Rant 4

FUCK VH1 for coming up with even MORE (tainted) “Love” shows
FUCK yall (I’ve become immune!) for drinking the kool-aid and watching and keeping their ratings up
FUCK my computer for conking out on me when I needed it most
FUCK the banks for using millions of the bailout money to buy naming rights for ball stadiums!FUCK Kanye’s mullet!

FUCK being in “the red” and having being in “the black” juuuuuuuuust out of reach
FUCK Rhianna for releasing the same damn album 3 times!
FUCK this economy
FUCK having to literally make a dollar out of fifteen cents
FUCK me for halfway being serious about tricking on the weekends to make ends meet!

FUCK a 14 year old being able to impersonate a Chicago Police Officer… other Chicago Police Officers!
FUCK facebook for being so damn addictive!
FUCK niggas still shooting up the club as if that were EVER a viable solution to anything
FUCK Paul Blart : Mall Cop
FUCK a dollar menu and the fact that eating right aint cheap

FUCK Tom Daschle for not paying his damn taxes
FUCK making the head of the BUS/RAIL system the new head of the SCHOOL system….?
FUCK 50 Cent & Rick Ross for the back and forth niggerdom
FUCK my sleeping habits as of late
FUCK stupid people who are too damn stupid to realize their stupidity

FUCK the Republicans for being pricks and seemingly try to block almost every initiative Obama creates
FUCK me again for accidentally knocking off air for nearly 1/2 hour
FUCK Blago for being so obviously thirsty for attention
FUCK all the Michael Phelps hoopla…they act as tho he were doing crystal meth or something…sheesh
FUCK being a single parent of 6 kids and using invetro fertilization to have another baby but accidentally having octuplets(8 babies) without having a clear means of support..all becuz you were a only child and have abandoment issues!

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