Monday, December 01, 2008

Damn Oprah...These Are Teej's Favorite Things!

Originally I wanted to do this list BEFORE the Fuck Rant 3, but sometimes things dont work out the way you plan, right? So seeing as though this is the day after Thanksgiving I figure this would be a perfect time to give a short list of SOME of the things that I love and/or am thankful for. I encourage you to do the same and revisit it on those days when you are the statue and not the pigeon.

*Reading Ruby and Ossie's story
*The word 'fuck' and all it's derivatives, but especially 'Fuckery'
*Family and friends
*My ipod and the music in it that attends to every one of my 5787945373 moods
*Her laugh

*That feeling I get when "As" first comes on
*Spending $$ @ Dr. Wax and Myopic
*Breaking daylight on the phone with K
*Hip Hop

*Letting the kid in my live on by dancing to and singing "Party In My Tummy"
*Stevie Wonder
*Constantly re-reading Nikki Giovanni
*The fact that "each day's another chance to do the things I could've / done the day before, but I didn't and I known I should've"

*Doing "Superior Radio" and playing what the fuck we wanna play!
*Jacking Les for like all her blog ideas ;)
*Allllllllllll the ambitious, artsy, talented, smart, determined, hustle-rific people I know
*Love Ballads
*The sentiment behind "Im here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor / and help make the revolution come quicker"

*Singing Faith Evans' 'Soon As I Get Home" with my tone deaf ass
*Being at home amongst my shit
*Googling ER'THING!
*Indie films
*Lisa telling Kim "You're a liar....I will flip you over that couch!"

(Top 5 favorite things order)

*French Fries
*Fruit Snacks


La said...

Ok, you must either be a Daddy or a surrogate Daddy because I really didn't think other peopled were feeling Yo Gabba Gabba like we do. Word.

T.C. said...

this is totally refreshing as always...i think i am going to do one...yes i think i am

Noe said...

Yes, I’ve disappeared for a while, but I came back to this…Inspiration I tell ya.