Thursday, December 18, 2008

Misc. Blog 2

So I type this particular blog from the very place my blog pretty much originated. That's right....on the overnight shift at the Hotel Beezy. lol. Thankfully nothing crazy to report aside from some irritating chick calling here at 5:30am to get the number from a black card ad in a magazine. The heifer waited like 10 mins. til my mans n nem in housekeeping found the magazine. How fucking random! Anyways so yeah Im on the overnight. I only did it b/c one of the few co-workers that I actually like wanted to take a day off so I played nice and agreed to do shift. Hope they dont get no bright ideas about me doing more tho.

Anyways I've self diagnosed myself with having a lack of motivation. Kinda weird but the last couple days Ive not had to go to the hotel. Been at home alllllllllllllllll day and didnt really get shit done. There's so much that I could be doing. I could go work out in the gym thats happens to be in the lobby of building. I could be working any of the 3 scripts that I have in various stages of being written. I could organize the book of poetry and prose I wanna do. Or even edit and go over some of the poems. I could tinker with the proposals of the events that I wanna do early next year. I could tinker with and edit my resume so that I dont make it to 6 years at the hotel. Needless to say I could go on. The moral of the story is that I have to look within and find the motivation myself. Otherwise I will just be a fatass of a unhappy concierge/hotel employee for a long ass time and that's just no bueno!

Did I mention that I wanna be in love again?


*Looks to the sky* "What up with that big homie? Where is she?"

Be blessed yall.


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