Monday, December 22, 2008

Say Whaaaaaat?!?!!?

I usta swear up and down that the Jungle Brothers' song that said "Girl I'll house you" was in fact saying "Where's my houseshoe?"

For years my brother sang "I'm in love with you. Fair is fair!" when Miki Howard was actually singing "I'm in love under new management".

Then there's my cousin Jesse who loved Janet's "Let's Wait A While" but still couldnt make out that she was singing " our love can be greater". Instead he heard the totally non-sensical lyric of " our love can Big Rita"

And just recently I clowned my friend Danisha b/c she's convinced that in En Vogue's "Hold On" that Cindy adlibs the quip "Screw anothe n*@@a yeah but don’t let go" when upon further review it appears as though she is just scatting, but in Danisha's defense I can hear what she thinks she hears lol.

So what you got?

What lyric have you flubbed for years? And do you still sing the wrong lyric b/c that's just what you're used to and the song doesnt sound right if you dont sing it like you came to know it?

Inspiration : Danisha Danielle, messing these lyrics up since childhood, and being too stubborn to sing it the right way once we find out the error of our ways.


Eb the Celeb said...

I cant even think straight because I am still dying laughing at the first one.

Ms. Independent said...

Mine is not old but its the first one I could think of. Beyonce: Single Ladies

What I hear: "don't be mad when you see Hakim on it"

What I'm supposed to hear "don't be mad when you see that he want it"

Not sure who Hakim is or what he and Bee had going on but it was obviously enough to make Jay put that ring on it.

Anonymous said...

Cal Worthington, a popular auto dealership on the west coast, used to do these commercials where the people sing:

"if you need a car or truck go see cal"

I thought for years they were saying "pussy cow"

T.C. said...

i have so many and i can't even think of them all right now...but boy oh boy did i jack some stuff up